html-tidy for Android

I wanted to know if I can use tidy-html5 HTACG HTML Tidy, a modern HTML tidier (and parser) from Android.

Wanted capabilities

To get DOM out of non-proper HTML.

  • as Java Object, or some Java accessor interface
  • at non-bad performance
    • cautious with JNI
  • with some CSS-like selector syntax
    • htmltidy do not have selector, likely to roll up my own

Problem with JSoup

JSoup is perfectly fine, I learned a lot reading its code.

However it lacks a few features for my use (parsing HTML from a native Android app).

tidy-html5 / DOM Access API

Internally tidy-html5 is able to parse HTML and keep parsed DOM as its own structs.

  • Document Tree
    • get html / head / body of doc
    • get child node (first child?) and prev / next of a node
  • Node
    • get line / column of a node (tag?)

tidy-html5 / internal

  • writtern in Pure C
  • Node and TidyNode are just different names for same struct
  • Node:
    • typedef struct _Node Node @ forward.h
    • struct _Node @ lex.h
    • TODO: find what does the node mean, maybe by reading/writing a pretty-printer
  • TidyDocImpl:
    • typedef struct _TidyDocImpl TidyDocImpl @ forward.h
    • struct _TidyDocImpl @ tidy-int.h

tidy-html5 / Overall flow of (parse - clean - output) flow

- DocParseStream(doc, in)
    - called by all public parse APIs: tidyParse{File,Stdin,String,Buffer,Source}
    - calls ParseXMLDocument or ParseDocument
    - returns tidyDocStatus(doc)

- ParseDocument
- (make use of cleaned document)
- CloseDocument

C Structures

- TidyDoc
    - #errors
    - #warnings
    - Node *root
    - options

- Node
    - a linked list of attributes
    - a linked list of children

A JNI binding for tidy-html5

Code at tidyj

(Not quite performant though, so not suggested over JSoup)